Thank you for using our amazing 100% FREE app color path. Color path is an amazing app for kids which develop their thinking abilities. Her you can find a quick set of instructions:

How to Play

The whole point of the game is to create path between the same colors, the trick is that two colors’ paths can’t cross each other.

How Create Color Paths

Creating colors’ paths is very easy, stand with the mouse on a color you wish to create a path from, click the left mouse button and hold it! Now move the mouse exactly as you wish the path to go through. A color line will be drawn on the board.

Remember, two different colors can’t cross each other, so think first and do after.

The game is time limited, so you have to do finish the level fast enough so you complete the task.

There are different levels, so after finishing the first one, just hit the “Next button and move to the next one.

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